Finca La Barranca, Ixhuatlan Veracruz, Mexico

August 04, 2015

We partnered up with Andy Newbom to bring you two high end specialty lots from Finca La Barranca.  Zongozotla Amarillo and La Barranca lots are exclusive to Bodhi Leaf Coffee and supplies are very limited. 

Sr. Fuentes and his family have been producing coffee on Finca La Barranca for more than 50 years. They have a total of 6 hectares of coffee nestled in a protected valley on the mesa facing north east towards Huatusco. They work hard to preserve the land, pick ripe cherry, perform intelligent pruning, strong fertilization and care for the soil and the roots and trees. They grow a well-rounded group of quality cultivars including Typica, Catura and Costa Rica 95.

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