Brazil Queixada Ilicinea - Ednei Henrrique - Green

Country: Brazil
Region: Ilicínea
Varietal: Mundo Novo
Farmer:  Ednei Henrrique
Process: Natural
Altitude: 980 M
Grade: 17/18 
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Almond, Bourbon, Cherry, Coconut, Marshmallow
Recommended Roast: City+ to Full City+
Good For: Espresso, Full Immersion, Pour Overs

Description: Ednei Henrrique comes from a family of coffee growers and has always worked hard on the farm, especially on the coffee plantations. Together with his father Edis and his brother Ricardo, they work in sustainable family agriculture. They are always concerned about producing quality coffee and ensuring the protection of the environment. Part of the coffee plantation is in a flat location which facilitates the harvesting of agricultural machinery, but there are some plantations in which the harvest must be done manually. All processing is done naturally after cherries are harvested and taken into the drying yard. In the quaint farm, there is a small coffee dryer that helps Ednei and his family dry their coffee, especially on rainy days. Endei wants to improve the physical structure of the farm and test processes of dry fermentation using a method in which the coffee is in a container for approximately 5 days without being touched and he expects that every year the farm is able to produce coffees with high cupping quality.

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