Colombia Don Mario Anaerobic Honey - Green

Region: Jerico, Antioquia
Varietal: Caturra
Farmer: Don Mario Estrada
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1980M
Grade: Excelso
Certification: Direct Trade, UTZ, RFA
Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Black Cherry, Honeydew, Nutty, Roasted Hazelnut, Vanilla Bean
Recommended Roast: City to Full City
Good For:Pour overs, Auto-Drip, Full Immersion

Description: Don Mario comes from generations of coffee farmers in his family, but had left the town of Jerico to pursue a degree in Engineering in Medellin. He retired as an Economist from one of Colombia’s principal banks and returned to Jerico with his wife, Liliana, to start coffee farming. He and his wife live happily in Jerico, Antioquia and are dedicated to their farm. 

Don Mario is passionate about the quality of his coffee and sustainability. Mario has achieved RFA and UTZ certification for his 3 hectare farm. Don Mario proudly displays his large collection of brewing equipment and tastes as many different coffees as he can get his hands on! Mario is incredibly friendly and welcoming and takes great pride in his entire operation.

Mario produced this special processed coffee with his caturra lot. His friends in Costa Rica, who have won several COE’s, suggested a 120-hour pre-fermentation honey process that he immediately began experimenting with. He began experimenting with 5kg batches, slowly increasing the batch sizes and found that the 25kg batches were optimal when using grainpros for prefermentation.

25kg worth of cherries are hand selected (only the ripest) and placed into a tightly sealed grainpro bag to prevent any contact with oxygen – anaerobic. After 120 hours, the cherries are depulped, lightly washed to remove any floaters, and sun dried for 12-14 days.

Customer Reviews

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Makes a fascinating SO Espresso
One of the best I've had recently
A fantastic anaerobic

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