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Mexico El Lobo Organic - Green

Country: Mexico
Region: Sierra Madre, Chiapas
Varietal: Bourbon, Arabe, Marsellesa, Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,200 - 1,900 MASL
Cupping Notes: Cacao Nibs, Graham Cracker, Honey, Lime
Recommended Roast:City to Full City
Good For:Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion

Description: We’re excited to have the first export of Organic Certified coffee from our export partner in Chiapas. In 2021, we began talking about getting organic coffees from them, and in 2022 they finished the steps required to produce and export certified coffees. This lot is made up of coffees from the Union de Ejidos Profesor Otilio Montano (UDEPOM). UDEPOM is located in a region that has historically suffered from unemployment and poor infrastructure. Local coffee farmers from different ethnic groups formed UDEPOM to put an end to these problems. They wanted fair, stable prices for their coffee. The coop is committed to the environment - promoting organic crop production in the area. The revenue from their fair trade sales has allowed UDEPOM to create social programs for their communities, including the 600+ small-holder famers they represent.

Farmers contributing to this cooperative lot harvest ripe cherries and then ferment for 13-16 hours before washing the coffee clean of mucilage and then drying. We love how this coffee arrived, with a delicate acidity and prominent sweetness, with notes of Black Tea, Stone Fruit, and Sugarcane.

Customer Reviews

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Logan Stellway
Clean taste when roasted right

This one took me a couple tries to get how I wanted: I generally do 1/2 pound at a time, but tried to see if I could process a full pound at first and ended up too dark. I did get a good batch between city/full city in a follow up roast.

Finished cup tasted clean and got some of the described notes - not my personal favorite variety, but I would be happy with it again! Roasting and learning.

Great Coffee

We buy this Coffee Green & Roast it @ Home. It is delicious Coffee.

Gogo Bean
Not just good, REALLY Good...

I am always curious when it comes to roasting different coffee beans, so this time I went with a recommendation for the coffee roasting contest. I just want to say those wonderful people at Bodhi really do know their stuff. This Mex El Lobo hit all my favorite taste buds. In fact, so much so that I immediately reordered a 5 lbs. bag... Good stuff Bodhi, keep it up...

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.

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