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Colombia Don Andres Honey Pink Bourbon - Green

Region: San Adolfo, Huila
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Farmer: La Bandida
Process: Honey (experimental fermentation)
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping Notes: Berry, Grapefruit, Mulled Wine, Brown Sugar
Recommended Roast: City to Full City
Good For: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Espresso

Description: Don Andres Guaca is a 4th generation farmer who has followed traditional methods for most of his professional career. It wasn’t until a cupping in town 4 years ago that he tasted a Pink Bourbon, a natural hybrid of yellow and red bourbon that was first discovered in Colombia. He became determined to grow this delicious coffee, known for clean acidity reminiscent of coffees grown in East Africa. Andres also began experimenting with his fermentation style. This one is technically a honey, but with many of the positives of a natural.. and that makes sense because Mr. Guaca let the coffee ferment anaerobically in cherry for 72 hours before depulping, and drying on raised beds for ~15 days.

This coffee was sandwiched between two geisha lots on the table we cupped it on, and it *queue Rihanna* shined bright like a diamond. This one was one of our groups favorites from our newest Colombian arrivals. We got notes of perfectly ripe berries mulled wine, with a pop of grapefruit acidity, and a sweet linger of brown sugar.

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Pink Bourbon

Amazing! Roasted light on the Behmore. Great as a pour over and as espresso. One of my favorite varietals. Worth the extra few dollars for a truly unique and satisfying coffee.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.