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Nicaragua Cabo Azul Estate - Green

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Las Nubes
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Marseillsa, H1
Farm: Cabo Azul
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,275 MASL
Cupping Notes: Walnut, Apple, Dark Chocolate, Creamy
Recommended Roast:City to Full City+
Good For: Auto Drip, Full Immersion, Espresso

Description: Cabo Azul is in the town of Las Nubes in Jinotega, Nicaragua at 1,275 mts above sea level. The farm has a total of 778ha, with only 314ha planted. The rest is kept as pristine bioreserve. The planted area produces 2,600 60kg bags of caturra, marseillesa, H1 hybrid, and catuai varieties. 

In 2000, Rene Morales and Ernesto Fernandez converted the property from a cattle farm to a coffee plantation, paying close attention to quality and land stewardship. The bioreserve on the property is a haven for ocelots, monkeys, and quetzals. 

H1 Hybrid is a newer variety, also called Centroamericano, which is a hybrid of Sarchimor and the Ethiopian variety called Rume Sudan. H1 is extremely high yielding and rust resistant yet has an excellent cup quality. Interestingly, the hybrids must be cloned via grafting, as the seeds will not yield a child plant with the same characteristics as the parent. This is very similar to how apple varieties are propagated: planted apple seeds have very little chance of yielding apples suitable for eating.

This coffee is a crowd pleaser with it’s chocolatey and nutty profile, perfect as a daily drinking cup.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Harrison
A Dark Pearl

Sifting through my bag collection till I came up with this one brought the memories back to the ol’ gray cells. I remember because I had just tried a cousin of this bean and thought she was just ok. Nothing really distinctive to set it apart.

So then I took this one for a spin. “Dark chocolate” I read; “well we’ll soon see about that”. Spun up the behmor and took it right into second crack- I figured that’s where the “dark” chocolate was. I remember the distinctive look of these dark pearls. Now look. I’m getting older - I’m impatient. I cheerfully ignored even a 24 hour rest of which I’m sure more sophisticated types will shake their wizened heads.

I was not disappointed- which tells you where I would’ve been if I’d waited. This bean definitely joins the proud ranks of “Chocolate Monster” (see my review on the Vietnam Lotus shg). Here was a distinct taste of dark chocolate indeed. A perfect bitter full mouth feel of it. But mind you the right kind of bitter. And yet the finish was wonderfully sweet and kept you coming back for more.

As the notes said - definitely walnut, a wonderfully fruity walnut actually - as if you’d just shucked one yourself. The apple was there, content to play third fiddle.

The nose was amazing and overall she held up considerably well over the days I had; developing nicely into even more tones of the chocolate. A fantastic little bean; I’d buy it again. You’ll not be pouring this one down the sink.

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