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Colombia Monteverde Yellow Honey Gesha - Green

Region: Herrera, Tolima
Varietal: Gesha
Farm: Monteverde
Process: Yellow Honey (experimental fermentation)
Altitude: 1,800-2000 masl
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping Notes: Honeydew, Pear, Cherry Limeade
Recommended Roast: City to Full City
Good For: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Espresso

Description: Monteverde is a world renowned farm, and small as the lots are, we’re honored to have them grace us for however short they do. The two coffees we brought in from this farm were were in our top three scoring lots from this arrival — this one is a stunner. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with tasting notes and fangirling, we’ll start with the details.

Monteverde was given to Gildardo Gutierrez and his wife, Miralba Falla, as an inheritance by Gildardo’s father, 40 years ago. They’ve grown coffee together ever since, but it was until 8 years ago that a group of coffee tasters urged them to grow exotic varieties that they began doing so. The farm sits at 1,800 - 2,000masl in the township of Herrera, and grows some of the rarest coffee varieties in the world — obviously including Gesha. We may have the next generation to thank for this unique coffee, the husband and wife team are accompanied by their children, Johan, Newerley, and Katerinne who help manage the farm, processing, and two of them are even Q Graders.

This lot in particular was grown on a 5 hectare Gesha plot that was planted as young as 4 years ago, with some trees getting up to 12 years old. After picking in October, the coffee was fermented for 18 hours in cherry, and then another 36 hours after depulping, before being transferred to drying beds. Drying took place on covered raised beds for 20 days, and coffee was finished in a silo with a controlled temperature of 30-35℃ for 3 days.

The coffee cupped great pre-shipment, and honestly even better when it arrived. We got delicate fruity notes of honeydew melon, pear, a dollop of sweet cream, and a finish reminiscent of cherry limeade. Can’t recommend this one enough.

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Martin Bick
Colombia Monteverde Yellow Honey Geisha

This was my introduction to roasting and tasting Geisha specialty coffee. I did a city roast, pulling and cooling the beans right after first crack. Light in the mouth and full of juicy flavor. Sure to delight coffee aficionados!

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