El Salvador Anaerobic Natural - Green

Region: Las Cruzes, Santa Ana
Varietal: Cuscatleco
Farm: Finca San Francisco
Farmer: Owen McEntee
Process: Natural (Anaerobic)
Altitude: 1500 M
Grade: SHG
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping Notes: Bourbon, Grapefruit, Milk Chocolate, Orange
Recommended Roast: City+ to Full city
For the experimental coffee lover! Good for auto-drip and manual brewing!

Description: In 1949 Adolfo McEntee, a second generation coffee grower, inherited two properties (Finca Colomba and Finca San Francisco) from his family located in the Cordillera de Llamatepec, on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano. He passed this land to his son, José Adolfo McEntee. Beginning with the bourbon varietal, Finca Colomba now grows yellow caturra, red caturra, pacamara, gesha, pacas, cuscatleco, portillo, pink bourbon, and Kenyan varietals! The portillo varietal has a strong resistance to La Roya (coffee rust) with good potential for cup quality. Today Owen, José’s son, oversees the San Francisco property.

The Colomba Estate is divided into 18 lots which includes San Francisco, Don Fofo, Nazareno, among others. Bodhi Leaf has been offering some of these lots for over 5 years from Finca Colomba! The farm permanently employs 80 individuals! During harvest more than 210 people from surrounding towns come to assist in the coffee harvest.

The mill was established 7 years ago. Washed, honey and natural processes are used at the mill as well as some experimental processes like “hydro” and anaerobic fermentation. Each trial has brought new insights and is leading to some interesting cup profiles! This coffee was put into tanks as fully ripe cherries without oxygen for 3 days before being dried as a natural.

In addition to the wet mill, Finca Colomba has their own dry mill which is able to prepare the dried coffee for export. During the sorting process, 10 female heads of household oversee the manual separation of imperfect or poorly formed coffee beans to ensure quality!

Aware of the needs of the surrounding communities, Finca Colomba holds medical conferences for people of the area and toys are distributed to local schools during the Christmas season.

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