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El Salvador El Ciprés Natural - Green

Country: El Salvador
Region: Cantón Álvarez
Varietal: Bourbon
Farm: Finca El Ciprés
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,100 - 1,600 MASL
Cupping Notes: Raspberry, Melon, Orange Blossom
Recommended Roast: City to Full City
Good For: Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion

Description: The El Ciprés estate is located at the Picacho Volcano in the Bálsamo-Quezaltepec region. The farm was purchased by Dr. Emilio Alvarez Lalinde in 1880. From Dr. Lalinde the farm has been passed down through his family, and is now operated by the Alvarez Gallardo family, who are passionate about making some of the highest scoring coffee in El Salvador. The property consists of 90 hectares of coffee production and over 5 hectares of natural forest, the latter hectares form an important refuge for wildlife. With over a century of family traditions in coffee growing, El Ciprés has become synonymous with extraordinary quality. In addition to coffee quality, the farm is also climate and nature friendly, protecting its forests, rivers, soils, and wildlife, and has held Rainforest Alliance certification since 2009.

Last year we brought in a washed lot from this farm, and this year we came across a natural lot that we fell in love with. On the arrival cupping table we got a really nice acidity (similar to the washed lot), with notes of Raspberry, Melon, and a clean finish of Orange Blossom.

Customer Reviews

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El Cipres Natural

As a traditional espresso lover I enjoyed this bean very much as a single origin. The raspberry/fruit note is just right for me at almost rolling second crack. I think it would be good blended with a nice chocolatey Brazilian at up to 20% as well.

wonderful fruit expression

I am roasting this coffee on a Bullet R1 with a gradually decreasing ror, taking it to a fairly light roast (10-11% weight loss). I love this coffee on pourover as well as single origin espresso. the raspberry and melon notes are most prominent. I was hoping for a cleaner finish with the description's emphasis on orange blossom. But I find that it is not atypical of naturals to have a slightly earthy finish. To be certain, the floral notes are there, albeit more subtle. I also was please with this coffee's ability to take on quite a bit of heat without scorching, a trait not always characteristic with El Sal naturals. Overall, this coffee is very juicy and very delicious. The flavor profile cleans up and complexifies quite a bit with about 5-7 days of rest. highly recommended coffee.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.

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