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El Salvador La Reforma Natural - Green

Country: El Salvador
Region: Calzontes Arriba
Varietal: Bourbon
Farm: La Reforma
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,300 - 1,450 MASL
Cupping Notes: White Wine, Plum, Milk Chocolate
Recommended Roast:City to Full City
Good For:Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion

Description: Located high up in the mountains of Santa Ana, El Salvador, La Reforma is situated perfectly for growing coffee. Their Bourbon trees get pampered throughout the year from native trees providing shade from the bright El Salvadorian sun, and nutrient rich soil, thanks to the Ilamatepec Volcano. After the cherries have reached peak ripeness, the Alvarez Family, who own and operate La Reforma, prepare this natural under strict quality standards that have been developed over the family’s over 100 years growing and exporting coffee. Cherries are sorted and floated before drying to ensure that no underripe or low density cherries make it through. Once it’s been sorted, this lot sun dried over 23 days on raised beds.

Customer Reviews

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Brad Miller
La Reforma

Sorry I don't roast to far a head still drinking other coffee. Thanks

Jacob H.
Fantastic coffee for those who like naturals

If you like naturals, this coffee is really great. Awesome fruit notes come through at lighter roasts. This one has some unique cupping notes, and they were pretty spot on coming out of my FreshRoast SR-800 at a City roast. I really like naturals, and have a bit of bias toward them. However, I don't remember the last time I've had a really solid natural from El Salvador. It's nice to see Latin American coffee growers trying natural process. I absolutely recommend this product.

farm to cup

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