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Guatemala El Limonar Pacamara Natural - Green

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Varietal: Pacamara
Farm: Finca El Limonar
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700 Meters
Grade: SHB
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Blackberry, Cola, Plum
Recommended Roast: City to Full City

Best Brewed Manually!

Description:Rosa Maria Ovalle and her son Rogelio Aguirre Ovalle have been in charge of the farm since its foundation. During this time, this farm's coffee has seen a number of results improving each subsequent harvest. Most recently, the farm participated in the Cup of Excellence competition placing in on 7th place with their 2013 Bourbon, and also placing in on 15th with their 2014 Mundo Novo varietal. The farm is located in one of the most blessed micro-climates in Huehuetenango sitting right between Finca El Injerto and Finca La Bolsa. The motivation to continue improving on the quality comes from both the changing specialty markets and also the results obtained by their neighbors. Rogelio has been skeptical regarding the productivity vs. quality dilemma, although with the cupping results of the past few years the idea of working with microlots from his farm is something very attractive as their coffee gains traction in the international markets.

El Limonar Pacamara lot is a selected Pacamara day lot from 1700masl, picked during the middle of the harvest season. The coffee is brought down to the mill where drying rooms with raised beds are used under strict humidity and temperature control for around 20-30 days depending on weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Rogelio Silva
Guatemala - El Limonar

Notes were easy to smell and taste. Coffee was roasted to light / medium and the berry notes shined. Tons of sweetness and juicy tones when pulled on espresso. Amazing coffee.

Arnie Rogers
Thanks Steve

Thanks, Steve, for offering us home roasters some of the best green beans at very reasonable prices.

Robert Spohn
Guatemala El Limonar Pacamara Natural- Green-OUTSTANDING

Roasted to medium…BEST coffee I have ever had!!!
Thanks Bodhi Leaf!!!

Possibly past its prime.

24 August 2022 15:59 PST and the harvest was, I beiieve from 2020. Large beans, typical of Pacamara variety. Following a pretty standard protocol on a Huky 500 runniinng Artisan through a Phidget with three thermocouples, the RoR curve was all over the place with sudden, erratic reversals of descending values. Roasted again using a gentler profile, but got the same, though less exagerrated result, i.e. stalls and reversals. The bolume increase was pronounced. Pretty sure these beans will be for testing grinder calibration, etc. and not for drinking. Crunching a couple beans, the taste was straw-like and papery. I'll cup them against some other roasts just for the heck of it, and to gain a sense of what that kind of roller coaster Delta BT curves yield taste-wise.

Again, this review is of beans that've been in storage for a good while. No doubt they were much better when fresh. I'll try another coffee from Señora Ovalle when it becomes available.

Cheers, -- j.

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