Guatemala Yepocapa Caturra

Continent: Central America
Country: Guatemala
Region: San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango
Varietal: Caturra
Farm: Don Pedro
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1375 Meters
Grade: SHB
Harvest: Current
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Milk Chocolate, Floral, Sweet Citrus

Description: Don Pedro owns a plot of land east of Yepocapa and takes coffee farming to a whole new level with his dedication and passion. The farmers of La Cooperative San Pedrana have always been paid the same price no matter what quality of coffee they offered. When they obtained their licensing, it changed a lot of things. Now, their quality and efforts to offer a tasty cup have value; they can hope for financial change and for future success in coffee farming. 

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