India Arabica Peaberry

Continent: Asia 
Country: India 
Region: Bangalore
Varietal: S797, Sl 9, Sl 4, Sl 5B, 
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1200-1400 Meters
Grade: Peaberry 
Harvest: Current
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Cocoa, Caramel, Honey

Description:  This coffee has came to the US through a partnership with Beyond the Bean, a India specific coffee production company focused on elevating Indias Specialty coffee quality.   Best practices are used in picking, processing and sorting defects out to achieve lots that are unique, sweet, and stand out from the rest.  All coffee is shade grown and Rainfall is between 2500 to 4500 mm.. Moisture rich and subtropical whether conditions help the coffee grow strong and slow then its hand picked, and pulped or natural sun dried.  

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