Indonesia Sumatra Boru Batak - Green Unroasted Coffee Beans $8.33/lb - Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Indonesia Sumatra Boru Batak - Green

Region: Sumatra/Lintong
Varietal: Ateng, Jember, Garundang
Process: Wet Hulled
Altitude: 1,000 - 1,400 meters
Grade: 1
Certifications: Direct Trade
Cupping Notes: Almond, Kiwi, Blueberry, Maple Syrup, Milk Chocolate, Spiced Citrus
Recommended Roast:City+ to Full City+
Good For: Auto Drip, Full Immersion, Espresso 

Description: The flow of coffee is very unique in Sumatra as compared to other origins and in the region where we produce this coffee, women are the backbone of the coffee business and make all of the quality and buying decisions. Boru means the link to the maternal line of the family and we thought that we should pay homage to them with naming this coffee Boru Batak. This coffee comes from the growing region of Lintongnihuta in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. It is a completely sun-dried and triple-picked Supergrade type coffee and we are only able to produce about 200 bags total annually. It is exceptionally clean with a massive syrupy body, fresh acidity, and flavors of cedar, leather, and a distinct essence of butterscotch.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Hanscom

Very good thanks

harry steinman
Great coffee; problematic packaging.

The beans and the service from Bodhi Leaf earn an A+. *Fast* fulfilment and shipping.

However, Bodhi Leaf ships its beans in a single-use plastic bag. Bad, bad, bad for the environment. In addition, the bag splits on its seams from time to time.

I'm a big fan of Bodhi Leaf's coffee. But I will not stop criticizing the packaging. It's thoughtless and destructive. I would gladly pay a few cents per pound more to have the coffee shipped in recyclable paper rather than 1000-year plastic.

Damon Cassell

These beans need to be roasted 4-5 minutes past the second crack to get much flavor out of them. I did like the yeasty vibe but they are roasting as dark as they usually do.

Thumbs up

Smoky and syrupy Full City+ flavor. Great for espresso.

Joseph Kristofzski
One of our favorites

We finally got to roasting our newest coffee. We tried it a couple of days after roasting, and found it very pleasant. We let it sit another week, and when we tried it again found that it is now all of our favorite. It is not very acidic, and leaves a very nice taste long after sipping. It is further enhanced when we add real dairy cream to it. Sweeter is not necessary at all, which my wife and daughter usually add to most coffee. We love it.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.