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Jamaica Blue Mountain - Green

Farm: Blue Baron Estate
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2255 Meters
Grade:  1
Certification:  Direct Trade
Cupping:  Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Nougat, Macadamia
Recommended Roast:  City to Full City

Best brewed manually! Our Pour Over was DELICIOUS!

Description: Welcome to our first dive into one of the most legendary coffee producing regions in the world: Jamaica Blue Mountains. Getting your hands on coffee from JBM isn’t the easiest thing to do; 80% of the coffee produced here is exported to Japan, leaving 20% of the already low producing region for the rest of us to share. This lot comes from Blue Baron Estate, a biodiverse farm in the tropical mountain range. The microclimate here lends itself to slow cherry maturation, with cloud coverage to keep temperatures low throughout the day. BBE takes the incredible demand for their coffee seriously, hiring trained pickers throughout the harvest season to pick cherries only at peak ripeness, revisiting trees over and over throughout the harvest months. After picking, cherries are pulped and fermented in crystal clear spring water from one of the nearby rivers before being packed into grainpro (for improved shelf-life) and then a traditional wooden barrel (for tradition, and obviously looks).

We look forward to working more with coffees from this region, and hope you look forward to drinking/roasting them as much as we do.

Customer Reviews

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Jamaican Blue Mountain

I just roasted my last half of blue mountain and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the coffee.It had a different flavor from the central and south American coffees.My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every cup.it was different from what we were served when we were there in Jamaica.Will definitely buy again.

Jamaica Mon!

I have been buying your green coffees for a few years. My wife and I both agree, this was the smoothest coffee we have ever had. I wish I could afford to do it more often.



A nice bean

This bean is really tasty, though I think I can roast it better. I asked Bodhi Leaf for advice but they never responded. That was disappointing. My second roast was better, really rich and creamy. A great bean, not yet worth the price, but maybe I can get it there.

It is what it says it is...

Definitely uncovered the nuanced flavors aforementioned - Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Nougat, Macadamia. A tea-like viscosity even using full immersion (press) method. Nothing bold here, nothing to knock your socks off - but overall a fantastic cup of coffee. Worth $44/lb? Of course not. Plenty of sub $5-$8/lb choices here that IMHO are a better cup of coffee and value. FOMO for sure.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.