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Nesco Home Coffee Roaster

  • Compact design roasts up to a quarter pound of raw coffee beans
  • Illuminated selection buttons with pre-programmed medium & dark roast options and “cool down” feature
  • Convenient chaff collector with safety handle
  • Cool touch lid, knob & glass viewing window
  • Ideal for small batches, personalize your roast flavors

This countertop coffee bean roaster holds up to a quarter pound of raw coffee beans and will roast a batch of beans in 20 minutes. Take the guesswork out of roasting and choose from pre-programmed medium and dark roast options. The roaster features a two minute cool down function that can be initiated at any time. Watch the roasting process through the glass window on the cover and create unique, even roasts with uniform color while controlling the roast level. The chaff collector catches bean waste which can be removed with the convenient safety handle. Handling and movement are made safe and easy with the over-sized side handles and cool touch lid knob. Craft your own signature coffee and achieve a wide range of full and vibrant flavors in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy Breezy

This little machine is so easy to use. Put the beans in, select medium or dark roast and the machine does the rest. My only complaint is that the medium setting produces a rather dark medium roast. If you like a lighter roast, then you need to view the beans from the little window on top of the toaster and stop the roast by pushing the “cool” button when you like the color of the beans. The chaff collector is superb and all the parts clean easily. Great machine for the novice or beginner and most importantly, the beans roast uniformly and they make fantastic coffee

Not a consistent roast, involved process if you are highly invested in the outcome.

A+ for ease of use, but depending on the coffee you're roasting, up to a third of the beans end up in the chaff catcher, and under roasted. (This seems to me to be a function of bean density.) Instructions say to put precisely 4 oz of green beans in. I'm experimenting with 3.5 oz to see if this corrects the problem. Also, I'm not terribly impressed with the roast quality, as it is highly inconsistent. I also wonder if elevation plays a role, as I am at 4,300 ft.

After writing, it seems that a lesser quantity of beans does work better and yields a higher degree of consistency of roast. The first couple batches using three different varieties of coffee, I had everything from a cinnamon roast to a Italian roast. With 3.5 oz everything looks pretty spot on a full city that I'm going for.

I guess my final take here is that if you're a control freak like me, you can do some experimentation and make this work, or if you don't care terribly about the outcome of the roast, that could also work.

Roster and coffee beans

I purchased the Roster and received unrosted beans free for my Husband. We love the whole experience and so happy that we got it. We should have done it years ago. We always loved Coffee from Bodhi leaf, but this takes to another level.

Great value!

Like using hot air popcorn popper, but with limited attendance required. Moves the beans well during roast with two basic auto shut offs for medium and dark roast. Manual stop at any time with cool down button. Not for French roasting, but who wants to burn their coffee anyway. Great value!

Loving this roaster

After convincing my family to help me get this for Christmas, it quickly turned into a family favorite. The roasting process is easy and clean up is also super easy. The chaff is collected pretty well and the roaster is super easy to use. I use the medium roast button and just allow for the programmable settings to run, that is, I do not stop the roasting process early by pressing the cool button. I was also able to roast inside since not much smoke was produced! The 5lbs of free beans was a great gift with the purchase!

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.