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Nicaragua Limoncillo Ethiosar Natural - Green

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Varietal: Ethiosar
Farm: Limoncillo
Process: Natural  
Altitude: 1,100 MASL
Cupping Notes: Red Grape, Blackberry, Cacao Nibs, Pie Crust
Recommended Roast:City to Full City

Good For:Pour Over, Auto Drip, Full Immersion, Espresso

Description: First things first, we need to tackle the variety of this coffee, because it may be new to you, it’s a relatively rare variety, that we’ve only ever come across from Fincas Mierisch, who own and operate Limocillo. Ethiosar is a fun name for a hybrid of a hybrid. “Ethio” is reference one component, the Sudan Rume variety, with origins in a Sudanese city bordering Ethiopia. The suffix “sar” references the other half of this hybrid, Sarchimore, which is itself a cross between a Timor and Villa Sarchi. Fun fact, the plot that this Ethiosar is grown on at Limoncillo is called “Aguacate” which is “Avocado” in Spanish 🥑

This natural spent it’s first four days drying on patios. At the Don Esteban mill coffee does not dry directly on concrete patios. They have developed a system to allow airflow for the drying coffee, where they lay down a thick layer of parchment, covered by a black polymeric material net. This makes for conditions where air can pass through the coffee while the coffee is under direct sunlight to prevent over fermentation or mold growth. After this, the coffee is taken to raised beds to finish drying for 25 days, with 75% shade. Drying at low temperature and this slowly is very beneficial to the shelf life of the green coffee, as it keeps the embryo alive throughout the drying. 

Fincas Mierisch is a family owned group of farms that have been farming coffee since the early 1900’s! With that time comes a lot of expertise, and this family is doing some of our favorite work in the coffee industry at origin. Limoncillo is the second oldest farm in the family, purchased in 1930 in Matagalpa, a region known for producing great coffee and also a German immigration settlement in the late 1800’s. Bruno Mierisch was the first German immigrant to arrive in Nicaragua, where the government hired him to help build the national railroad. The Nicaraguan government didn’t have the money to pay for Bruno’s work, and actually paid him in the land that would become the families first farm, Las Lajas. Today, there are some pretty awesome things happening on the Fincas Mierisch farms. Limoncillo has child care, a primary school, a clinic, provides yearly training for employees, and produces its own renewable energy through hydro powered turbines. Pretty special to think what awesome things are going on today in Matagalpa, Nicaragua because one man’s emmigration a hundred years ago.

We fell in love with this harvest of Ethiosar, the cup profile is so clean, and so dynamic. In this lot we got Red Grape and Blackberry, with fun pop of fruity Cacao Nibs, and a sweet finish like the sugary top of a Pie Crust.

Customer Reviews

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Wayne Nicklin

This is quite a good coffee, all my clients like it bery much

Kevin Kamberg
Very tasty

I bought a pound out of curiosity. Roasted it medium/light, just short of 2nd crack. This lived up to its billing. Very reminiscent of a good Yergecheffe but dialed back just a bit so that it's a bit less fruity. I would guess a cupping score somewhere around 88-90.

Kern Davis
Delivered the goods -

Ramped up to 310 quickly and held there for about 9 minutes to beginning of 1st Crack then dropped to 270 into 2nd Crack for about 15 seconds then rapid cool. All the complexity and subtlety of it's flavor profile came through, whether served as a pour over or as an espresso. Big hit with everyone.

Wonderful, Rich, Flavor

With a City+ roast this bean provides an excellent cup of coffee, perfect with a dessert pastry though it's fine any time of day.

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