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Nicaragua Monimbó Estate - Green

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Masaya, Matagalpa
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,350 MASL
Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar, Dates, Red Apple
Recommended Roast:City to Full City
Good For: Auto Drip, Pour Over, Espresso

Description: The word Monimbó comes from the Nahuatl indigenous language which means “close to the water.” The Monimbó farm is in the northern region of Nicaragua in Matagalpa at an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level. The Marenco family has owned the farm for 35 years and have gained recognition for their visionary coffee farming. The Marenco family is known for their commitment to education and the protection of the environment in their community. They are active donors of the Nicarao School working in collaboration with Seeds for Progress Foundation.

The farm was founded in 1982 by Dr. Danilo Marenco and has since then been incorporating modern agronomy and processing methods with traditional Nicaraguan cultivation methods, including a disciplined approach to coffee plant rotation to ensure soil health and repeated manual harvest cycles to only pick the ripest coffees. After processing the cherries, the coffee is sundried, with close attention to turning and ensuring evenness.

This year presented some challenges in finding relatively large lots as some of the big coffee buyers (you know the ones) did a bit of panic buying, swooping up lots that we’ve bought for years on end. We don’t mean to put anyone down for anything here, it was just financial opportunities that producers couldn’t say no to. You know what they say, “all’s fair in love and war and coffee”. With all that said, we managed to team up with another importer and share a container for our first time working with Monimbó Estate. The profile is solid, perfect as a daily drinker or a nicer espresso blend component. We get notes of Brown Sugar, Dates, and Red Apple.

Customer Reviews

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Yum Diddles
Solid Choice

I've tried many coffees from Bodhi. This one is pretty good. I'd say top 8 choice. Requires a roast to just before it becomes oily Would definitely order again, but there are others I like better.

Solid All-Day Cup

As usual, the cupping notes are spot-on. Nice sweetness with fruity tones.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.

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