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Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Popper

Electric Popcorn Poppers provide a fun and simple way to roast coffee without breaking the bank!  With the purchase of this home roaster, our green coffee specialists will select and include four pounds of various coffees to get you started!

Note: This roaster does not include a warranty since the product is being used for something other than it's intended purpose. 

  • 3 oz Batch Size
  • 5-10 mins per batch
  • 120v 
Useful Information:

-Hot air popcorn poppers are not made for roasting coffee beans
- The manufacturers’ warranty will be voided when the product is used for anything other than popping corn
- A good amount of chaff will fly out from the roaster, so keep a broom on hand or roast outside!
- This is more of a DIY method of roasting coffee, but you will get better results with the popcorn air popper in comparison to roasting coffee on the stovetop.
- Back-to-back roasts are possible, but not recommended, as they can lead to the unit overheating.

We do not offer returns on this product (unless the unit is defective upon arrival).

Customer Reviews

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Popcorn popper and green beans

It is so cool that I am able to roast my own beans! Thanks for making this available and having such good beans to use...

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.