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Chloe Owen || @chlointhedarkdesigns

1. Tell us a little about you! Where are you from & what do you do?
My name is Chloe Owen (she/her). I am a 23-year-old graphic designer based out of Southern California and more specifically Orange County! I recently graduated with honors from Chapman University with a BFA in Graphic Design). I live and work full-time in Costa Mesa for and with my family’s company Landers! We have a vintage and branded goods store called Landers Supply House ( as well as two bar & restaurant locations in Costa Mesa & San Clemente ( I work as a bartender a couple of nights a week at our CM location and help the brand with all things aesthetic, merch & marketing.

Additionally, I work as a freelance graphic designer under the name Chlo in the Dark Designs. As much as I love working with family, it is also very rewarding to work with other small businesses and support friends and other entrepreneurs while using my craft.

2. What inspires you creatively? How would you describe your design style?
I am heavily inspired by the vintage, western, & motorcycle community that I live within. I love looking at vintage/retro artwork for inspiration whether it be sign painting, old t-shirt graphics, retro letterings and most of all vintage tattoo flash. I also have an affinity for skulls and skeletons which constantly pop up in my work including the Rise & Grind graphic I created for Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. I would describe my design style as dark, grungy & vintage.

3. Favorite thing to drink in the morning? Also what's your favorite cereal?
Admittedly so, I am not an avid coffee drinker, but I do enjoy Lavender Lattes, Matcha Espresso and dirty chai tea lattes. I am plant-based so it's always almond or oat milk for me! My favorite cereal has to be cinnamon toast crunch specifically with little milk. I enjoy the crunch!

4. Random Fun Fact?
I am allergic to hairy (normal ;) ) cats. Therefore, I have two hairless cats whom I love to death! They are a great source of entertainment and provide plenty of laugh-out-loud moments while I work from home.

5. A piece of art (music, tv show, movie, ect.) you have been into recently?
I have been rewatching some seasons of American Horror Story as it is ~spooky season~ and I love having something playing in the background while I sketch out ideas or get lost in my illustrations. I have always loved the attention to detail they put into the credits at the beginning of each episode and often think about how fun/cool it would be to work as a designer for them.

6. How can people keep up with your work and hear about future projects? (Opportunity to plug social, ect.)
I have an Instagram for my design work @chlointhedarkdesigns . Additionally, any graphics or flyers you may see online or in-store at any of our Landers locations is my work!

To anyone reading, thank you for taking a minute to hear about me! Please feel free to say hello if you see me out and about or come by Landers Liquor Bar, I might happen to catch ya there!

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