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Louis Frey || @louisfrey

Tell us a little about you! Where are you from & what do you do?
Hey, my name is Louis Frey and I’m a freelance illustrator living in San Clemente California with my wife and dog.

What inspires you creatively? How would you describe your design style?
Oh man, so much inspires me. Old matchbooks, films, traditional tattoos, and nature just to name a few. Im a quick walk away from the beach, so that usually helps me get the creative juices flowing. I have an American traditional design style that sometimes leans more into a vintage approach and other times more into a modern one.
Favorite thing to drink in the morning? Also what's your favorite cereal?
Coffee all the way, nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning (and afternoon and night haha). But also lots of water, gotta stay hydrated after all that coffee. Captain Crunch is the goat.

Random Fun Fact?
I love movies. I own more than 500 and have seen over 3,000. I use an app called letterboxd to keep track of everything I’m watching and to see all my movie viewing stats haha.

A piece of art (music, tv show, movie, ect.) you have been into recently?
As I said above, I watch a ton of movies. It’s my favorite hobby, but lately I just keep on rewatching Parks and Recand Freaks and Geeks.

How can people keep up with your work and hear about future projects? (Opportunity to plug social, ect.)
You can follow me on Instagram, @louisfrey to keep up with all my stuff. I’ve been working on a lot of excited projects recently and can’t wait to share them :)

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