Boredom Kills Creative - Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Alex Adam || @boredomkillscreative

1. Tell us a little about you! Where are you from & what do you do?
My name is Alex, I run a small creative agency called Boredom Kills Creative - we specialise in branding and design within the hospitality industry. We're based in the UK but most of our work is in the US!

2. What inspires you creatively? How would you describe your design style?
Creatively I’m inspired by life in its weirdest form.
I want to connect with weirdos and hear their story - humans fascinate me. In a design sense Americana is a huge influence on me and the US as a whole. I just love that mid century vibe you guys have going on in a lot of places.

3. Favorite thing to drink in the morning? Also what's your favorite cereal?
Favourite thing to drink is coffee, always. Sometimes water but mainly coffee. Favourite cereal is interesting… we have a cereal called Krave, which is effectively big Captain Crunch bites with chocolate in - awful for you but so so good.

4. Random Fun Fact?
Random fun fact is that TWO of my family died from falling off of the same Castle at different times. You would really think they would’ve learnt, but no. Also when I say Castle, I don’t mean way back in history - we’re talking like 30 years ago. I know you’re not gonna class that as fun, but it is.

5. A piece of art (music, tv show, movie, ect.) you have been into recently?
I’m BIG into 60 days in. I know typically that might not count as art but Jesus I love it. It plays into the whole humans are weird thing from above I guess.

6. How can people keep up with your work and hear about future projects? (Opportunity to plug social, ect.)
You can give me/us a follow on insta @boredomkillscreative and check our website for work - We’ll be updating everything soon!