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What is the competition coffee?

The coffee changes every round, this time all competitors must roast and submit Sumatra Ribang Gayo Natural. A fruity, lively natural from Indonesia.

When is the competition?

We will begin cupping January 10th, and the public tasting/voting will be on January 15th.

When is the final day I can submit my roast sample?

January 8th is the FINAL DAY to submit your roast.

What kind of roaster can I use?

You are welcome to use any coffee roaster under 5kg capacity. Stove top roasters, hot air roasters, drum roasters... ANYTHING as long as it's under the 5kg maximum that we consider to be a commercial roaster.

How much coffee do I need to submit?

We need 4oz to be able to cup roasts throughout the multiple rounds of competition. Orders of Ribang Gayo Natural will come with a pouch for your submission, but if you don't have the provided pouch for any reason, you're welcome to submit in any sealed container.

How does voting work?

Preliminary rounds will be done internally with our QC team to narrow the competition down to 10 roasts. At this point there will be a public cupping. Each person in attendance on (January 15) will get one vote, and the roast with the most votes wins.

Will I be notified if I'm in the top 10?

We will send out an email who was in the top 10 and the winner AFTER the public tasting, on January 17th.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced live for everyone who attends the public cupping, January 15th, and on social media shortly after.

Will I be notified about how I did in the competition?

Each participant will receive an email from our QC team about their roast. It takes a while to score and email everyone, so please be patient, you will definitely hear from us after the competition.


Good Luck!