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Honduras Finca Los Pinos Lot 295 Anaerobic

Bag Count: 17 Bags
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Country: Honduras
Region: La Laguna, San Sebastián
Varietal: Typica & Ihcafé 90
Process: Natural +Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude: 1,897 MASL
Cupping Notes: Lemon Candy, Raisin, Black Tea, Sugarcane

Description: José Justino Lopez is a producer from El Carretón, a small community in the region of San Sebastián, Lempira and the oldest of six siblings. He attended school until the sixth grade and started to work with his father in the agricultural activities and also as a day laborer for other farm owners in his town.

In 2007, he bought 1.39 hectares to plant coffee, his father and his brother-in-law took care of it and collected the harvest. In 2012, he returned from the city to work on his farms. That same year with the harvest’s profits and some savings he was able to build his house, where he currently lives. In 2016 he bought another property in La Laguna community in San Sebastián where he planted it with coffee as well.

He has been improving his processes throughout the years and for this lot, José ferments coffee for 48 hours in a anaerobic barrel fermentation before pulping and washing. This process imparts a more intense fruit flavor.

After that, the cherries are processed in an ecological wet mill that our export partner helped him to acquire in 2020, where he is able to pulp and wash coffee at the same time, and which also allows him to save a lot of time but most important, water. In addition, this same eco-wet mill also works for the re-process of the pulp waste that later is used as an organic fertilizer, as he is committed to manage his farms the most organic way possible. Besides this, he processes the honey waters in an oxidation pond and performs manual cleanings with machete in the farms to avoid the use of herbicides.

This lot is one of the cleaner, more tame experiementally fermented lots we’ve brought in in a while, so if you’re into trying new things, but don’t like funky experiementals, this is for you!

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