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Ethiopia Gori Gesha Forest Natural Gr1

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gesha, SNNPR
Varietal: Gori Gesha & Gesha 1931
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,684 MASL
Cupping Notes: Orange Blossom, Orange, Rosé, Oolong Tea

Description: Established only in 2019, this farm and the Gesha region of Ethiopia is a less popular region among most green coffee buyers, especially when compared to the uber popular Yirgacheffe and Guji regions. The varieties that grow here are another story. The Gesha 1931 variety is acclaimed worldwide as one of the highest cup quality varieties available, and it’s sibling, the Gori Gesha variety rivals it in quality, and is one of the oldest known coffee varieties. This variety has origins in the Gori gesha Forest which is about a 20 minutes away from the farm at this lot comes from. This is a farm owned and operated by our export partner, so the ability to closely manage picking and processing techniques lends itself to what we find in the cup, more on that later. This farm processes any and all types of coffee, from anaerobic and carbonic maceration, to this traditional natural. We brought in only this natural and some of the carbonic maceration, but the carbonic actually pre-sold. This natural lot was dried on raised beds for 17 days before reaching ideal moisture content. The Gesha region is a bit warmer than a region like Sidama, and because of that it is very easy for them to dry naturals here, compared to the Bensa region seeing extended times required for drying, slowing down some shipments this year. Because of this, naturals like this one are very clean in the cup, with more florals and citric notes. In this natural we get notes of floral Orange Blossoms and the acidity of Fresh Orange, a sweetness of a Rosé Wine, and a finish of Oolong Tea.

We really hope that you roasters love this one as much as we do, and look forward to coming harvest where we will definitely have more to offer from Gori Gesha Forest.

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