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Roasted - Decaf

Region: Various
Process: Sugarcane
Cupping: Dark Chocolate, Almond, Bold

Roast Profile: Medium - Dark

Description:Our roasted decaf rotates depending on crop freshness and availability between Sugarcane and Swiss Water processed decaf. These are the two best tasting, all natural decaffeination processes.

We're currently roasting a Sugarcane processed coffee from Colombia.

This current decaf Sugarcane crop from Risaralda, Colombia, is one of our best tasting decaf coffees we've had. On the cupping table, it outperforms some regular caffeinated coffees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of the best decaf’s I’ve ever tasted

This is so smooth and flavorful I had to look at the bag again to make sure it was decaf. A mild heart issue has moved me to decaf, but I don’t have to give up a good cuppa.

John B
Excellent coffee experience

Buy this for my wife and I for that late afternoon cup of coffee. Swiss water process is what we look for a well.

Artful Journey
Great Decaf!

Love it! I mix it 50/50 with regular blends for morning coffee and usually serve decaf in the evening to family and friends. I see Bohdi now is selling a 50/50 caff so will check that out.

Christopher Samuelson

This is one of the best decaf roasts I have had. Dark complex flavor. I wish these guys made a decaf medium roast though as well

Cynthia Holbrook
Best Decaf Ever

Truly the best coffee we’ve had anywhere. That’s what’s made us faithful followers of Bodhi Coffee since their warehouse only days. So glad they’ve expanded!

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.