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Vietnam Lotus SHG - Green

Region: Dalat
Varietal: Catimor
Farm: Various Small Farmers
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1400-1500 M
Grade: SHG
Cupping Notes: Chocolate Creme, Honey, Nutty, Toffee
Recommended Roast: City+ to Full City+
Good For: Blends, Espresso, Auto-Drip, Full Immersion

Description:Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world! Although recognized for volume, high quality coffee is not something that is traditionally thought of when thinking about Vietnamese coffee production. This is changing and Bodhi Leaf is excited to be able to offer this solid washed Arabica coffee from the Dalat region. This is our first time offering coffee from Vietnam and we would love to hear your feedback! 

The average farm size in Vietnam is very small, averaging 1-3 hectares. However, these small farms have great productivity compared to average coffee farms in Central America. To add additional value at the farm lever, particular focus is put on quality. This starts with picking only ripe coffee cherries, ensuring speedy delivery to the mill and getting a higher premium paid for red cherry. Coffee growers in Vietnam have typically strip picked the plants when the C market is favorable so incentivising growers to pick only ripe cherries can be a challenge. However, the benefits of only picking red cherries can be seen when comparing the weight of ripe vs. unripe cherry and if there is a premium offered on the extra effort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Brad Baldwin
Phenomenal Cup of Coffee

We typically stick with Central and South American beans but decided to try this out a couple of months ago when it first became available. We roasted it slightly beyond second crack and it was surprisingly delicious. The flavors are very apparent, especially the chocolate creme. It has quickly become a favorite of ours and we have ordered it multiple times since!

Michael Shreve

Mellow and non acidic.

Robin Donley

Didn't realize how good this origin can be. Bomb!

Mariano Velilla
To mild

Roasted this coffee to second crack. I expected a strong smooth flavor but what I got was a very weak and mild flavored coffe.

Aaron Isala

These beans will be ordered every time I make a purchase on this site. I’ve roasted from medium, to dark and it taste great no matter what. Truly glad this site offers Arabica because it’s difficult to find for Vietnamese beans.

farm to cup

We get our beans from the farms and roast coffee daily. We truly are farm to cup.